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Events, Funding, & Networks

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Find out more about my achievements and engagements

Here, you'll find a curated collection of my professional milestones, including leadership roles in events, successful funding initiatives, and esteemed network memberships. Each achievement reflects my dedication to fostering development, rights, and gender-based violence awareness. Dive into each story to discover how these experiences have shaped my journey and contributed to meaningful societal change.

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Over the years, I've organized and led impactful events, each fostering dialogue and action in fields ranging from refugee empowerment to academic discourse.


These events ranged from intimate workshops focusing on community-driven projects to larger academic conferences promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. Each gathering was a testament to the power of community, knowledge exchange, and the pursuit of social justice, leaving lasting impressions and actionable insights for all participants


I have secured funding for various impactful projects and initiatives, demonstrating my ability to navigate the competitive grant landscape. These funds have been pivotal in supporting community-driven research, educational programs, and events that align with my commitment to social justice and community empowerment. The successful acquisition of these funds underscores my skill in articulating project value and potential impact on diverse funding bodies.

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Networks and Memberships

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