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Academic Presentations

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Co-Acting with Refugee Women

16th April 2021

Presented in Webinar Seminar Series organised by the Gender Studies Programme, Universiti Malaya and the CHCI Global Humanities Institute 2020-2021: Migration, Global Logistics and Unequal Citizens. 

Jointly presented with Naima Ismail on the topic of co-action with researchers. We discussed how can we move from extractive academic research to one that is collaborative with researchers and refugee participants co-acting. We shared our experience as collaborators in my doctoral research and in the Special Issue for Displaced Voices: In their own Voices and reflected on lessons learned in this process. Naima highlighted "How not to waste refugee women's time with pointless research; let's get to the point', followed by Kiran speaking on 'Bringing meaning into co-action'.

Available to view online:

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Action Research

7th March 2019   

Presented ‘New methods in Law and Development: Action Research in KL, Malaysia’ in North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa  

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Lawful Relations

23rd March 2017

Presented ‘Lawful Relations and Voice; living in a state of non-belonging’ in conference Research Impact in Action; Refugees, New Speakers and Global Law at Tilburg University, Netherlands 

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Forced Migration and Development

1st December 2015

Presented ‘Malema; forced migration and a legacy of violence and development’ in a Rights, Individuals, Culture and Society (RIKS) seminar, Department of Law, University of Oslo, Norway  

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Teaching Academic Skills

18th June 2014 

Presented and conducted a workshop on 'Academic Culture and Participatory Learning in EAP contexts', Wuzi University, in Beijing, China to teachers of academic skills and criticality. Focused on pedagogical questions and difficulties of didactic teaching in Chinese university contexts. I gave this presentation as part of the in-country programme I taught in academic skills.

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Spaces for Refugee Inclusion

November 2013

Gave 1-hour presentation on Language and Civil Society Organisations and Spaces for Refugee Inclusion at ECORYS 9-day training for 'Working with refugees and asylum seekers: good European practices for better work' in Venice, Italy. I was funded to attend this workshop and give this presentation.

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Ghost Fleet

13th January 2020

Gave a short presentation and Q&A session on the documentary film Ghost Fleet. Discussed issues of human trafficking and the unseen side of the fisheries industry in South East Asia.

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Troublesome Knowledge

13th November 2019

Presented 'Troublesome Knowledge; issues with referencing and plagiarism for exam boards and lecturers' for a teaching day on referencing, at International Institute of Social Studies, Part of Erasmus University Rotterdam

​The referencing questions such as how to deal with plagiarism, how to include activities to better increase student knowledge, and how to improve grading systems. 

My presentation titled 'Troublesome Knowledge' centred on an academic literacies approach and drawing on my own experience I highlighted a number of activities and strategies; such using source maps and microtasks to increase student knowledge and deal with their anxieties and insecurities around plagiarism. 

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Refugee Women in Work

10th March 2018

Presented ‘Refugee Women and Work in KL’ in Brickfields Asia College, UKT Law Y2 students ‘We are not illegal’ Human Rights and International Women’s Day Forum  

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Solidarity and Voice

14th February 2017

Presented ‘Solidarity and Voice; Wij Zijn Hier’ in Solidarity in a workshop titled ‘Notions of Solidarity in and beyond Law and Development’ in University of Duesto, Bilbao, Spain 

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Refugee Activism

August 2014
Presented MSSc Research ‘Refugee Activism and Linguistic Capital’ in the 17th Nordic Migration Research (NMR) Denmark at the Centre for Advanced Migration Studies, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 

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Research Communication

In addition to presentations, I have been communicating my research and connecting with communities through publications, visual media and through collaboration workshops.

Image by K. Mitch Hodge

MSSc Social and Community Development

Queens University, Northern Ireland

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