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Empowering Educational Journeys

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My Teaching

My career has not always been in a straight line. My teaching career has taken me internationally, from resource-rich and resource-poor classrooms in various countries. Moving from language to academic teaching to curriculum development in higher education. From chalkboards to high-tech interactive whiteboards. 


I first stepped into a classroom 18 + years ago, when I completed my CELTA and began as an English language teacher. I taught a range of English courses for 5 years before moving on to teach academic skills and academic writing for 9 more years. I have taught refugees, vulnerable women and migrants, business professionals, and students from BA and Masters courses. I am currently teaching PhD students in biomedical sciences and medicine to write for publications.

In academic settings, I have 1700 hours of teaching experience in the UK, the Netherlands and China. I have engaged in creating courses, both online and in person, and teaching learner-centred, interactive and trauma-informed sessions. 

My teaching philosophy centres around active engagement, critical thinking, and creating an inclusive environment where every student feels valued and heard. I believe in empowering students as lifelong learners with the skills to navigate the complexities of professional and social landscapes.

I aim as a teacher and curriculum developer to:

  • Develop and deliver educational content effectively, tailoring material to diverse audiences.

  • Engage students or participants meaningfully, ensuring material resonates and prompts action.

  • Handle sensitive topics with care, ensuring a safe, respectful learning environment.

  • Provide mentorship or training to educators or facilitators, ensuring consistency and quality in program delivery.

My Teaching

Key Experiences

Enhancing Diverse Learning: Leveraging global classroom experiences, I focus on fostering comprehensive knowledge and critical thinking and/or language skills across diverse student backgrounds.

Community-Centric Teaching: My teaching philosophy extends to empowering refugees, vulnerable women, and migrants, emphasizing education as a tool for empowerment and resilience.


Innovative Curriculum Design: I have created curriculums across a range of disciplines ensuring an interactive, engaging curriculum that resonates with students.


Empowering Educators: Committed to elevating teaching standards, I facilitate workshops and mentorships, instilling best practices and fostering a collaborative, supportive educational community.

I have aimed to make my teaching journey fosters empowerment and self-discovery among learners from all walks of life. Embracing a trauma-informed approach, I've crafted educational experiences that validate and support individual voices, particularly in refugee and marginalized communities. Bridging the gap between informal and formal education, I've successfully guided learners from uncertainty to confidence, emphasizing their empowerment and communication skills. The positive evolution of students, validated by feedback, reflects my commitment to nurturing a supportive and responsive learning environment, attuned to the unique needs of each individual.This inclusive educational ethos has made space for transformative journeys, transitioning learners from hesitation to articulate self-expression, and marking the profound, collective impact of a supportive, empathetic learning environment. 

My Teaching Impact

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Courses Developed

  1. Neurodiversity: Participation in Education and Research, University of Amsterdam 

  2. Academic Writing1st Year in International Creative Business (8 modules), Inholland Hogeschool

  3. Socio-legal Ethics Masterclasses for 4th Year International Creative Business, Inholland Hogeschool

  4. Communication in Science Presentation Skills Course for Medical Students, LUMC

  5. Tailored courses for Business English (4 different clients - companies, journalists and editors), Leiden University 

  6. BKO Exam Preparation 1-2-1, Leiden University

  7. Academic Reading and Writing Course Bachelors in International Studies, Leiden University 

  8. Participatory Research Skills with Community Development Actors, (8 CBO groups) Kuala Lumpur

  9. Legal Awareness Training in Refugee Law, (8 CBO groups), Kuala Lumpur

  10. Ethical Conversations - Do No Harm Matrix and Moving Beyond 

  11. Engish is Fun! Course (After-school classes for children), Spain 

  12. Academic Skills (Reading Academic Texts, Listening to Lectures, Presentation Skills and Academic Writing) for Business, Accountancy, Engineering, and Social Sciences BA students in Birmingham City University in UK and China (5 years)

  13. English language courses for specific purposes in various London schools from beginner to proficient (5 years) and after-school classes Japan (1 semester)

Module Leader in Academic Writing

Tilburg University and University of Oslo

August 2022 - August 2023​

As the Module Leader in Academic Writing for International Creative Business at Inholland University, I've demonstrated strong leadership skills by successfully designing and implementing a tailored Year 1 curriculum for international creative business students. My approach integrates essential writing skills with subject-specific content, fostering critical thinking and academic success. Leading a dedicated team of educators, I provide mentorship and support, ensuring effective collaboration and a high standard of instruction across the program. My ability to create a cohesive vision and nurture a positive working environment showcases my leadership capabilities in the academic field.

Previous Teaching Experiences

Communication in Science

Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC)

October 2019 to August 2021

​Taught Medical and Bio-Medical courses to support learning in scientific writing, presenting academically and referencing. Contributed to staff meetings on creating interactive and engaging activities and workgroup sessions both face-to-face courses and to switch to online blended learning programmes. Worked to time-pressured deadlines to meet teaching and grading schedules. Established positive relationships with students in workgroups and thesis tutorials. Supported students to create effective strategies to manage thesis assignments and engaging in a critique of scientific texts. Managed students concerns and conflicts through tutorials and effective feedback.

Freelance Tutor, Academic Language Center Leiden University

Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC)

September 2019 - June 2020

​Created, prepared and planned interactive and learner-centred bespoke courses according to student-directed learning objectives. 1. Provided 10  2-hour sessions in Business English for the management team of journalists and editors. 2. BKO (teaching qualification) exam preparation individual course focused on speaking fluency and pedagogical concepts for an Assistant Professor. 

Academic Reading and Writing Lecturer

BIAS, Leiden University 

September 2019 - December 2019

​Lectured in academic skills 3 courses drawing on materials from Global History. Adapted curricula to need students’ needs with a learner-centred approach. Support students through workgroups and one-to-one sessions as required. Built students' skills in criticality, argumentation, referencing and close analytical engagement with texts. Worked to tight deadlines for assessment of assignments.

English for Academic Purposes Lecturer in Presessional Courses in

Birmingham City University (BCU), Coventry University and University of Birmingham 

June 2010 - November 2014

​In this period taught in 5 intensive Presessional Programmes in BCU. In addition, lectured on the BCU in-country programme in Beihang University, Beijing, China April 2014 - June 2014  and the BCU in-country programme in Nanjing University of Science and Technology in Nanjing, China, May 2013 to July 2013

November 2013 to December 2013 Academic Skills Lecturer at Coventry University


August 2013 to September 2013 Academic Skills Lecturer at Birmingham City University

Duties as an Academic Skills tutor in all courses:

Conducted diagnostic assessments in reading, writing, speaking and listening in accordance to IELTS level testing procedures. Created interactive and reflective sessions in an intensive teaching schedule (20 hours+ per week) based on learning objectives on academic skills curricula. Supported students develop criticality in argumentation and engaging in academic texts in a range of disciplines from Journalism, Business to Engineering. Conducted and assessed final exams for linguistic competency in reading, speaking and listening and academic writing competency essay assignments  

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English for Personal Development

 Before teaching academic skills, I was an English language teacher. I took a CELTA level 4 teaching qualification in 2004. Since then I taught General English, IELTS and Business English, since 2004 in various locations in the UK, Mexico, China as well as Japan.  I have taught all levels from A1 - C2 as well as various ages. I taught summer schools with teenage children (and was actively involved in organising trips and talent shows). I worked with migrant women who suffered domestic violence in Tower Hamlets in London, some of whom had serious literacy issues. I was involved in interesting projects in social enterprises in Chiapas, Mexico. My work, particularly with vulnerable groups like migrant women, has been deeply rooted in fostering communication as a means of empowerment and change.

I have freelanced teaching Business English and English for specific purposes. Teaching language is more than the building blocks of grammar and vocabulary but also includes teaching students how to navigate the nuances of tone, formality and meaning. I have taught Business English in language schools in London, to business students at the university level and in companies. Effective and impactful communication is a difficult skill to learn, teaching the English language taught me how to better communicate and be a better academic skills lecturer and researcher. Language has always played an important role for me, and even though I no longer teach language specifically, I learnt a lot from this time.

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I taught and examined FCE, Cambridge Language exams, and IELTS. I graded oral and written tests to the appropriate standards using guidelines and senate scales

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Language Training

I taught functional skills and using English in every life or for specific business or educational courses.

​Textbooks  i.e. Headway


Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening Skills

Cultural Orientation


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Specific Purposes

ESP teaching focuses on developing language skills specific to students' professional or academic fields, ensuring practical, context-aligned language proficiency.

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Education and Training

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