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COST Action IS1306 writing retreat and workshop training in stakeholder engagement and research impact

Budapesti Metropolitan Egyetem (Budapest Metropolitan University), Hungary

19th – 21st April 2017

Research Methodology and Fieldwork preparation, 

Summer School on Law in Action

Potchefstroom, South Africa

March 2019

At a legal summer school in South Africa, I immersed myself in community-oriented legal discussions, focusing on the intricate relationship between law, justice, technology, and land rights. This experience enriched my understanding of law within community development frameworks, particularly concerning data handling and justice in localised development settings.

Sustainability and Social Innovation: Shaping Effective Change-makers, IMPACTO and by Prof. Dr Wayne Visser and Indira Kartallozi

During my empirical research, I was given an opportunity to participate in a set of training related to change management and vulnerable communities. The training looked at how business can connect with marginalised communities, corporate social responsibility and aspects of social entrepreneurship. We worked alongside members of government, business, NGOs and banking sector employers. The training was an enlightening perspective on collaboration and reaching across sectors.  

 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

July 2017

‘Economic-Value of Refugee Entrepreneurs’ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

July 2017

Communication Training for Academics to Civil Society, 

University of Duesto, Bilbao, Spain

February 2017

2014 - 2018 I joined EU-funded COST Action IS1306 New Speakers in a Multilingual Europe: Opportunities and Challenges. During my time with COST New Speakers, I participated in sociolinguistics conferences, PhD training in methods and organisational meetings. I also organised a number of events relating to refugee research with both a socio-linguistics and legal lens. 

Doctoral Training 2-week training in Communications Training with academics, civil 
society, and grassroots communities. Included workshops with senior advisor for development at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on how to communicate with  development policymakers.

University of Tartu, Estonia

February 2016

The EDOLAD training in Estonia focused on enhancing my skills in research methodology and fieldwork preparation. It provided a comprehensive framework for understanding and navigating the complexities of research in development settings, emphasizing risk assessment and effective management strategies.

Law and Development in Context, EDOLAD

Tilburg University, the Netherlands

February 2015

Part of Doctoral Training 6-month training on law and development approaches and 
methodologies with scholars and practitioners from 5 partner universities.

Writing for Scholarly Publication, Centre for Academic Writing

Coventry University, United 


Training in how to write for scholarly publications, including a writing retreat

Working with refugees and asylum seekers: good European practices for better work

November 2013 Grundtvig Grant awarded to participate and present in ECORYS 9-day training for Working with refugees and asylum seekers: good European practices for better work in Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy


Peace and Reconciliation Training, Ballynafeigh Community Centre

Belfast, Northern Ireland, United 


Peace III training aimed at fostering understanding and reconciliation in communities affected by conflict. It typically involved workshops, dialogue sessions, and community-building activities designed to promote peace, address divisions, and enhance cohesion among participants from diverse backgrounds.

Community Development and Good Relations Training, EGR Tides Training

Belfast, Northern Ireland, United 


Peace III training focused on fostering community growth and improving relationships within communities. This training involved strategies and exercises aimed at building skills in community engagement, conflict resolution, and promoting mutual understanding among diverse groups, ensuring the development of harmonious and inclusive community dynamics.

Active Citizenship Training 

British Council and South Belfast 

Belfast, Northern Ireland, United 


Peace III training focused on empowering individuals to actively participate in civic life. The training emphasised understanding civic rights and responsibilities, engaging in community activities, and fostering dialogue and collaboration among diverse groups to address common challenges and promote social cohesion within the community.

Social and Community Development 

Cum Laude/Distinction

European Doctorate in Law and Development 

Tilburg University and University of Oslo

Jan 2015 - March 2024

 My Ph.D explores the intersection of legal frameworks, forced migration, and social justice, focusing on the lived experiences and agency of displaced communities. It employs Participatory Action Research to amplify migrant voices, challenging traditional human rights approaches and advocating for community-driven change and inclusive development.

Belfast, Northern Ireland, United 


My MSSc in Social and Community Development from Queen's University comprised critical modules like 'Introduction to Community Development Theory and Practice,' 'Sustainable Communities,' 'Learning in and from the Workplace,' and 'Governance and Management of Community Organisations.' These modules, combined with a dissertation titled 'What is the role of linguistic capital in the inclusion or exclusion of refugees and asylum seekers in civil society?', fostered a comprehensive understanding of community dynamics, sustainable development, and the nuances of language in refugee integration.

VSO International Development and project management in developing contexts training

Birmingham, United Kingdom


The VSO International Development training involves managing volunteer placements, focusing on understanding and addressing global development challenges. Participants learn facilitation and participatory techniques, crucial for effective volunteer engagement and project implementation in international development contexts. The program emphasizes the development of skills for handling volunteer-related situations sensitively and effectively.


I passed two in-depth interviews and joined the program. I was offered a placement in Vietnam - however, due to political changes to the funding  I was unable to go to the placement. I did nevertheless complete my VSO fieldwork training. I also hosted a music event to fundraise for the organisation.  

Teaching Basic Literacy to ESOL Learners,
London South Bank University (LLBU)  

London, United Kingdom


The 4-day workshop is designed to equip educators with strategies for recognizing and supporting learners with dyslexia. It focuses on reflective practices and class management techniques tailored for mixed-ability classes, with a special emphasis on literacy learners. Participants learn to create an inclusive learning environment that acknowledges and addresses the unique challenges faced by students with dyslexia.

Speaking and Listening Differentiation

Tower Hamlets College

London, United Kingdom


The two-day workshop at Tower Hamlets College in London focuses on equipping educators with strategies for effectively teaching speaking and listening skills in mixed ability classes. Participants learn how to differentiate instruction to meet the diverse needs of their students, ensuring that each learner, regardless of their ability level, can improve their language skills in a supportive and inclusive classroom environment.

BA Politics

School of Oriental and African Studies

I started my undergraduate degree in Japanese and Politics. I studied for a short time in Japan. However, after a few years, I decided that a career in Japanese was not for me. Nevertheless, studying Japanese gave me the ability to take time to learn how to communicate with people from a different background to myself. It further my passion for language and language learning methodologies. I eventually switched to Politics and was exposed to SOAS's perspectives on critical theory and postmodernism. Theories which I have continued to engage with until today. 

In term of teaching. I also received in-house teacher training from different schools I worked in London on teaching methodologies, language experience, teaching literacy and addressing special educational needs, classroom management, lesson planning and curriculum development.

Image by Matteo Paganelli

MSSc Thesis on 

the inclusion/exclusion of refugees from civil society organisations

Image by Marvin Meyer

Masters Practical thesis on Creating social media platforms as shared community spaces

Image by Jen P.


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