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Kirandeep Kaur

Community_Led Researcher, Educator and Consultant
Ph.D in Law and Development 

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About Me

I am originally from the UK and am currently based in the Netherlands. 


I see myself as a community-driven educator, and researcher focused on creating systemic change. My work is dedicated to understanding and providing platforms for marginalized voices by focusing on decoloniality, gender justice, and the narratives of forcibly displaced communities. Each project I undertake intertwines a deep academic rigour with a commitment to ethical, community-led advocacy.


I've dedicated my career to developing educational programs, in often challenging contexts, that not only inform but also empower. With a strong foundation in academic curriculum development, community engagement, and project management, my journey has been about connecting with diverse communities and bringing about transformative change 

Expertise in:

  • Participatory Community Engagement

  • Participatory Action Research

  • Localization of Rights

  • Course Development with Academic Institutions, For-Profit Organisations and NGOs

Networks and Memberships

Social Legal Studies Association (SLSA)

Women in Refugee Law (WiRL)
Editorial Board Member of Journal of Displaced Voices 
European Doctorate in Law and Development 

Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research

Beige Book

Recent Publications, Events and Workshops 

knowledge voice an dpower.jpg

Co-writing and Inclusive Publishing 

Screenshot 2023-05-04 132620.jpg

Forced Migration Review lssue 70: Knowledge, Voice and Power

Here I wrote about the challenges of co-writing and publishing with refugee and asylum-seeking participants, and how the academic publication industry creates barriers for marginalised voices.

Upcoming Projects, Presentations, Publications and more...

Trial Lecture 

A pivotal exploration into law and development, setting the stage for my defence. 1st March.

Ph.D Defence Law and Development

 An in-depth journey through the voices and rights of forced migrants, challenging traditional perceptions. 6th March.

Neurodiversity: Participation in Education and Research

A course development project, partnering with colleagues from the University of Amsterdam and Inholland Hogeschool. I'm co-developing an innovative, inclusively designed master's elective, set to debut in 2025, focusing on Participatory Action-Based Research (PAR) with neurodiverse communities - see here.

Academic Writing with Erasmus University 

Leveraging my expertise in academic writing, I'm guiding biomedical students at Erasmus University to refine their writing skills, ensuring they effectively communicate complex research ideas and findings. This role underscores my commitment to enhancing students' academic proficiency and fostering their success in the biomedical field. Courses start from Mid-March. 

Presentation at SLSA Conference

March 26th-28th 2024, Imaginaries of Law, Borders and Rights: Forced Migrant Voices of Change, Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA), University of Portsmouth. In my presentation, I will examine the intersection of law, borders, and the narratives of forced migrants, revealing their influence on redefining legal consciousness and advocating for social justice. This exploration emphasizes the powerful role of migrant voices in shaping new legal and social landscapes.

Shifting Discourse in Rule of Law Development Policy

In collaboration with former PhD colleagues, I'm offering expert input on participatory community engagement for a project focusing on integrating decolonial perspectives into rule of law (ROL) development. The aim is to transition from traditional top-down approaches to more inclusive, community-driven policy-making, thereby connecting decolonial theoretical insights with practical ROL applications and fostering people-centered interventions.

Learn More about My Research, Education, Teaching and Community-Led Projects

Research & Education

Educational Leadership

Community-Led Engagements


Joint Doctorate in Law and Development

Tilburg University and University of Oslo

  • Participatory Action Research in Malaysia

  • Borderscapes - borders and law

  • Creative storytelling & academic fusion text

  • Deep qualitative analysis with Atlas.ti

  • Impactful publications & co-authoring with communities

MSSc in Social and Community Development

Queen's University

BA Politics

School of Oriental and African Studies 

  • Political, Community & Legal Aspects in Development

  • In-depth Exploration of the Global South, Displacement and Asylum

  • Comprehensive Development Insight

  • Multidisciplinary Analysis & Solution Crafting

Communication in Science,

Academic Writing Lecturer and Module Leader

Erasmus University,

InHolland Hogeschool,

Leiden University Medical Centre, 

Leiden University,

and more 

  • International Teaching Experience (8+ years)

  • Multidisciplinary Academic Course Design

  • Reflective Pedagogies & Curriculum Innovation

  • Proficiency in E-Learning Platforms including: Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle.

  • Created training for trainers and teachers for specialist courses.


Community Driven Projects with forced migrant-led initiatives





Afghan and more

  • Co-creation through co-publication and co-presentation

  • Localising Knowledge Integration operational support incl. capacity-building training, co-creating guidelines for partnerships, data protection guides, strategic reviews, and community profiles.

  • Leadership in 15+ Community Projects

  • Stakeholder Engagement Expertise

  • Utilized PAR, Agile, MEAL, Adaptive Design

  • Coordinated 5 plus International Academic Events

  • Global Network Engagement and Organisation

  • Networks & Partnerships for Empowerment

  • 12+ International Presentations

  • Acquired Fundings

Teaching, Research &

Event Organisation

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