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Doctoral Researcher in Law & Development
Module Leader and Lecturer in Academic Writing 

Work Experience 

Profile: As a seasoned academic skills lecturer, module leader, and curriculum developer, I bring a wealth of experience to any educational setting. My background includes organizing various academic and community events, showcasing my versatility and commitment to both education and community engagement.

Please feel free to explore my previous work experiences or reach out for further information.

Academic Teaching

English Language Teaching

Community Development

Education and Training

Funding and Awards

Recent Projects

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Module Leader and Lecturer in Academic Writing for International Creative Business

August 2022 - August 2023

As the Module Leader in Academic Writing for International Creative Business at Inholland University, I've successfully designed and implemented a tailored Year 1 curriculum for international creative business students. My approach integrates essential writing skills with subject-specific content, fostering critical thinking and academic success.


In addition to teaching, I provide mentorship and support to fellow educators, ensuring effective collaboration and a high standard of instruction across the program. 


Publications: Ethics and Epistemic Injustice in the Global South: A Response to Hopman’s Human Rights Exceptionalism as Justification for Covert Research

May 2023


A co-written article with EDOLAD colleagues published in Oxford University Press' Journal of Human Rights Practice to highlight the dangers of epistemic harms in ethical practices in human rights research

The article can be read here. 

Image by Charles Deluvio

Event: Socio-Legal Ethics Masterclass

May 2023

This masterclass explored the concept of epistemic injustice and its implications for ethical engagement and building voice in creative business relationships.

During the class, we explored the intricacies of epistemic injustice, discussing testimonial and hermeneutical injustices and their impact on the participant's voice in the case study. We examined how fostering ethical dialogues and building reciprocal relationships can help address these injustices and empower individuals to reclaim their voice.

knowledge voice an dpower.jpg

Publications: Co-writing and Inclusive Publishing 
Forced Migration Review lssue 70: Knowledge, Voice and Power

September 2022

My reflections on publishing inclusively through co-writing highlighted many barriers faced by refugee researchers and research participants in the quest to be published on an equitable standing with western, non-refugee researchers. 

The article can be read here.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Teaching Experience

Please take a look at my teaching experiences, learn a little more about academic skills and language learning.

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