Recent Work Experience

Work Experience

I am currently based in the Hague, Netherlands. I am currently contracted to work at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) until August 2020. I am also working as a freelance lecturer (I am registered as a sole proprietor). I am a highly experienced academic skills teacher. I have organised numerous academic and community events. 


See below to contact me or see my previous work experiences related to each section. If you have a project you would like to me work or consult on, contact me below. 

Current Work at LUMC

Docent Communication in Science, Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC)

October 2019 - August 2020

I work closely in a team to teach academic core skills across a range of workshops and courses aimed to improve students ability to communicate scientific principles, empirical research and other academic genres effectively.

The CIS courses are integrated into the students' Bachelors and Masters courses at various points so that there is consistent support in academic writing and communication throughout their trajectories. 

I have been active in teaching academic writing, reading, academic presentation techniques and critical thinking. I have also contributed to staff meetings on creating interactive and engaging activities and workgroup sessions both face to face courses and to switch to online blended learning programmes.

Taught Medical and Bio-Medical courses to support learning in scientific writing, presenting academically and referencing.


Taught a range of skills integrated into the main courses is designed to support students to:


  • Recognize the scientific register and apply in English assignments

  • Engage with other genres to communicate scientific outcomes such as journalistic articles or videos or policy papers

  • Give effective scientific presentations 

  • Provide regular structured peer review

  • Gain a sense of critical awareness in their use of language and cite academic sources appropriately

My work is focused on:

  • Marking short scientific papers and longer substantive scientific thesis at Bachelors and Masters  level

  • Managing competing workloads in teaching and marking as well as supporting materials development of courses

  • Providing one to one tutorials support students in their general development of academic skills as well as specific thesis related issues. 

  • Using online teaching tools such as Turnitin, Kultura and Blackboard

  • Engaging with students to resolve issues in their course and assignment feedback

  • Working to time-pressured deadlines to meet teaching and grading schedules.

  • Supporting staff in the team by taking over work when needed

Recent Projects

Lecturer in


Writing and Reading, International Studies 

at Leiden University 

September 2019-December 2019

Taught 1st Year undergraduate students academic skills with emphasis on argumentative structure, critical thinking, reflection and academic reading and writing skills. 

The course drew on Global History concepts and theories and centred around the great divergence debate.

My duties focused on teaching, lesson planning to include interactive and reflective activities, marking of 1st Year essays and finalising grades (checking for originality) via Turnitin and Blackboard. 

Teaching Day: Referencing

at International Institute of Social Studies
Part of Erasmus University Rotterdam

13th November 2019


I presented on a one day workshop with the Board of Examiners related to referencing issues experienced by lecturers and potential solutions. 

The referencing questions such as how to deal with plagiarism, how to include activities to better increase student knowledge, and how to improve grading systems. 

My presentation titled 'Troublesome Knowledge' centred on an academic literacies approach and drawing on my own experience I highlighted a number of activities and strategies; such using source maps and microtasks to increase student knowledge and deal with their anxieties and insecurities around plagiarism. 

Private Sessions,


at Leiden University 

September 2019- February 2020

Taught private sessions for business English at a Horticultural journal, Leiden. Sessions were tailored to student needs related to linguistic, business interaction and journalism communication.   

Taught private session to support Assistant Professor to take the speaking exam for and achieve University Teaching Qualification (BKO). 

Created sessions according to students needs and self-directed learning objectives.

Collaboration Workshop: 

Muhammad Noor of Rohingya Project 

21st February 2020


I hosted a workshop to support a former participant in my PhD fieldwork. Muhammad Noor is the leader of the Rohingya Project, which uses concepts of digital identity to create an online financial empowerment platform for stateless Rohingya. 


The workshop aimed to create a space for collaboration and focus discussions on practical outcomes and building partnerships between the Rohingya Project and academic institutions & researchers, NGOs and legal clinics. 


The sessions were divided into the projects conducted by the Rohingya Project

Session 1: Rohingya Memory & Archiving

Session 2: Rohingya Statelessness & Digital Identity 

Session 3: Rohingya (Social) Enterprise 

Image by Martin Adams

Teaching Experience

Please take a look at my teaching experiences, learn a little more about academic skills and language learning.