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PhD, Well-being and Starting a New Path

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

This is my first blog post on Wix. And weirdly, I'm nervous. This is probably because I'm embarking on a new life-changing phase. Or maybe its because I've never kept a blog before. Heck, I've never been on Twitter before (more on that another time).

I'm currently completing my PhD in Law and Development and honestly, it's been tough. It has also been amazing and life-altering. But, during my PhD journey, I've seen so many of my colleagues in different institutions around the world isolate themselves, deal with difficult life-changing decisions and mental health as a result of their PhD research.

I've been through some of the same. My PhD trajectory has meant flying to places that I never thought I'd travel to, seeing parts of life I never knew existed and meeting people I never thought I would. Its been fantastic and yet there's been a cost. Yet no one ever talks about the costs; on your well-being, your family life, yourself as a person. I want to use this blog space to talk more honestly about those challenges and work together to improve the systems. As well as talk about my research interests and my general fascination with the world.

I'm yet to submit my final PhD thesis. I hope to soon as I can. Working with refugees, and other forced migrants there is a sense of responsibility that goes with researching. I need to get it finished. Like many, I will be doing that whilst being out of the system and forging a new path. I'm unsure where I'll end up, but I am looking forward to documenting my journey here.

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